Samveda is one of the important fest in our college. The main motto of this event is to provide an opportunity to the students to show their hidden talents in the globalised world. College fests are a memorable part of one lives where extravagant decorations, many fun driven events add to the flavor. It’s an attempt to introduce something new or modify an existing event. A successful college fest means a significant number of participants, a majority of good reviews, an excellent venue, a great image\ moderator etc.., Mostly with handsome cash awards & trophies for the winner.


         “SAMVEDA 2K18” aims at giving the right platform for various kind of students to learn through organizing, participating and exhibiting the challenges in each sector. This sort of task like challenges to meet the present and future requirements as a personality which leads them to be a great citizen and corporate towards the development of the nation. The main motive behind this event, that the students will learn, come out with new ideas, experience the event managing skills and will be exposed for various kinds of aspects of the event which enrich their learning new skills.